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R Programming Assignment Help | R Programming Homework Help

R Programming is used for statistical computing and graphics aid. One can use the different types of graphical methods and statistical techniques available in R Programming combined with other languages like statistical hypothesis, data mining, data warehousing, clustering, regression modelling, etc. If you are worried about writing an R programming assignment on a short deadline, then you can approach our authentic R programming assignment help service. We have a team of programmers cum statisticians who have immense knowledge and 15 years of experience in delivering accurate assignment solutions. You can end your woes of writing the R programming language assignment by contacting us.

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R Programming assignment help | R Homework Help

R programming language is covered in the academic curriculum of many institutions across the world. Students look for help in completing the R assignments due to a lack of knowledge and coding skills. Our team of R programmers work on your assignments and shares the highest quality R assignment solutions. We assure the A+ grads in the assignments solved by us. Our experts strictly adhere to the project timelines and share the solutions well before your deadlines. Our R experts are well versed in all the concepts in R and hence can help you on any topic regardless of the complexity. Some of the most common topics on which students avail the R assignment help from us include statistical analysis, machine learning models, time series, regression analysis and clustering. 

R Studio assignment help | R Studio homework help

R studio is an integrated environment that is used for R programming language. It is an agile and powerful language that is used in different applications such as computation, data science, AI, statistical data analysis and so on. The core team of R has developed the language using C, Fortran and R. It is a widely used language for data mining and by software engineers to do data analysis and for statistical applications. It also has a huge collection of powerful analytical tools and good data visualization facilities. There are also a lot of operators to do numerical calculations. 

R Markdown assignment help | R Markdown homework help

Many students find it challenging to work on the assignments related to R Markdown. However, we have a team of R programmers who have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience working on R Markdown to finish your assignments. The authoring framework is widely used for data science. You can use the Markdown file to save as well as execute the code. It is also used for generating high-quality reports, which you can also share with the audience. The R Markdown documents that are produced are reproducible and give enough support to dynamic output formats. If you identify any of the data transcription errors or you want to do data analysis, you can easily recompile the report without doing any kind of changes to the actual document. 

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What is R Programming?

R is an open-source language that is popularly known as R and is developed for statistical computing. It creates a statistical environment to carry out statistical computing and graphics. The R programming language is used by data miners and statisticians to analyze data and develop statistical software. Conducting polls, studying the literature databases, and doing surveys have increased the demand for the R language in the past few years. R belongs to the GNU project that is similar to the S language and the environment of this language is developed by Bell laboratories, which is also known as Lucent Technologies. R can be gauged as the execution of S. 

As this is a GNU project, so you can get the R program under General Public License and the source code of this programming language is crafted in C, FORTRAN, and R. This makes the best use of the Command line interface, but there is a wide range of graphical user interfaces available in this language. 

How R language will help you:

  •     R programming language will be used in clinical trials, Bootstrap and Bayesian
  •     It is used in data mining, mapping and logistic regression
  •     Code in R language is used in graphics, modelling and microarray analysis
  •     You can use RGUI

The key features that make R programming language an important aspect of your programming curriculum:

  • This is an effective tool to carry out virtual statistical computations. It saves a lot of time and effort besides producing work that is free from errors. 
  • R is efficient in handling data and offers an ample storage facility
  • R is an interpreted language. There is no need of using a compiler for creating a program from the code
  • R is a kind of vector-based language. This will help you to do many complicated calculations and operations using just one command. 
  • It is compatible to run with various operating systems including UNIX, Windows, and Macros since these have a graphical front end
  • This language supports arrays, lists, matrix arithmetic and data frames
  • Compatible with other programming languages, including C++, JAVA,  .Net and FORTRAN

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Why do students need help with R Programming Assignment?

For students who are yearning to learn any language, the R programming language would be perfect. This language is easy to learn and accessible and used in different programs. However, students without a basic understanding of the subject will struggle to complete the assignments on their own. If you are one such student and do not have adequate time to solve the assignments, then seek help from our R programming Assignment Help experts. R language plays a critical role in the medical field, clinical trials, and in doing many research projects. 

Completing the R assignments would need an in-depth understanding of statistical techniques and tools. Students often commit structural mistakes, which would take a toll on the quality of the assignment. Hence, avail help in R Programming from our Statistics experts and earn A+ grades.


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Data visualization with ggplot2 - Assignment Help Service

R programming is widely used in data analytics tools to do visual analytics. It is easy to learn, share and visualize the data. Ggplot2 is the popularly used data visualization package by the R community. It is good to be used for visualizing the data that is broken into graphs and later into semantic components such as layers and scales. When you use this tool, it also offers you the data, calls the specific function and let you map variables to aesthetics. You can also use this to define graphical arguments. It also provides you with various powerful commands to create plots that are complicated with the data obtained in the data frame. Avail the instant and affordable gglplot2 assignment help from The Programming Assignment Help.

Data transformation with dplyr - Assignment Help Service

R Studio has different packages to carry out data management tasks and integrate them easily with the analysis activities. There are many processing tasks that are packaged in a consistent way to make the code efficient. It is also easy to remember the syntax and read it. Ddplyr is a package that is built with the purpose of simplifying, manipulating, sorting, summarizing, and joining various data frames. You will be introduced to the basic functions of dplyr package. There are different functions this package will have and these include select(), filter(), group_by(), summarize(), arrange(), join() and mutate(). Submit your assignment and get the best quality R assignment help online from us.

Exploratory data analysis - Assignment Help Service

Exploratory data analysis in short EDA is a statistical approach and a technique that is used to analyze the data sets to summarize critical characteristics with the help of certain visual aids.  The EDA approach used will help you acquire knowledge and follow various data aspects such as traits and features of the data, variables along with the relationships, and critical variables to use in the problem. The iterative approach followed by EDA will also help you generate questions related to the data. Search for the answers through visualization, transformation, and model of the data. You can also use the lessons to learn refining questions. Get in touch with us to seek urgent R homework help from us.

R Programming Workflow - Assignment Help Service

R Workflow is used for data analysis and reporting. R workflow will have many examples related to the code, output, and graphics. There are many graphics that are highly interactive. There are different methods available in R workflow which allows you to thoroughly analyze the data, be it you are working with business, manufacturing system, finance, science, journalism, experimental research, or observational research. Be it any field, it is easier for you to analyze the data using these methods of workflow. You can also use R commands. It follows step-by-step instructions to process and report data. 

Critical Topics in R Programming Assignments & Homework

A few of the important areas in which students should get hold to develop their R coding skills and boost knowledge include:


Apart from statistics, R is also used in geographical information systems to plot data on maps. Understanding the concepts of mapping will let students prepare publication-ready maps. However, if you are feeling stressed to write the assignment on this topic, you can seek our R programming assignment help from our skilled programmers 


This is the most challenging area where students would need practical exposure to writing the assignment. Students should focus on pictures rather than numbers. Graphics are widely preferred over data. Our R statistics help experts are well-acquainted with this topic and have ample experience working on it. If you need practical assistance, we are always available for you. 

T-test Statistics:

This is the most challenging area in statistics that would compare two sets of data to find out the differences in two sets of data.
SQL: This is the programming language that is used to carry out the basic calculation and retrieve data for doing analyses and visualization. Students will be learning to create and manipulate data sets with the help of a rational database in R to carry out statistical operations. 

R packages:

It offers a compilation of R data, code, documentation, and various functions in an organized way so that it would become easy to share with other people. This language has an extensive library where the packages are stored. Every package comprises one or multiple functions. There are various data operations that are carried out using R. These include - statistical operations, plotting, graphical representation, and machine learning. There is a huge library available to carry out statistical operations. It is important for the users to have this package on their systems to perform statistics. There are a few packages that get loaded onto the system while installing R. People who are working on graphics should install the graphical package to explain plots. 

R Studio:

This is the key component of the whole R ecosystem. This is the main development environment that is available in R. You can get the free version or paid edition of this studio. R studio is compatible with various operating systems and browsers that are connected to it. This is used in different applications and to specialize in different subjects taught in universities. Our qualified and talented R studio homework help experts would help students get their assignments done meticulously and flawlessly irrespective of their complexity level. 


Assignments & Homework based on ML Algorithms in R Programming

Learn Machine Learning algorithms in a simple, easy-to-understand manner from our experienced tutors. Some o the important Machine Learning concepts on which R Programming assignments are based are listed below"

  • Correlation analysis: Correlation analysis or test is carried out in R programming. It is done to thoroughly evaluate the relationship between one or multiple variables. For example, if you would like to know the relationship between the height of a father or a son, the coefficient of correlation can be used to get the answer to this query. There are two different types of correlation analysis you can do. One is the Pearson correlation and the other is the Kendall tau. Seek such quality online R Programming assignment help from us and de-stress yourself from the worries of solving the assignment on your own.
  • Multiple Linear Regression using R: Multiple Linear Regression is the extension to that of simple linear regression that is used to predict the variable outcome with ease based on the multiple distinct predictor variables. It is done using the fit model, and diagnostic plots. This gives you normality, influential observations, and heteroscedasticity. It also compares various nested models with the help of the ANOVA() function. The cross-validation is done using cv.lm() function.  Avail of the R Regression assignment help from the best programming experts.
  • ANOVA; One and two sample tests: It is a statistical test that is done to estimate the dependent variables, which are quantitative in nature. It changes based on the levels of one or multiple categorical variables. It also helps you to learn the difference in means of groups at every level of variable that is independent. It is a one-way and two-way ANOVA test that you can do. The one-way test has a single independent variable whereas the two-way has two independent variables
  • Logistic Regression: Logistic regression is used to predict the class of people based on one or multiple predictor variables. This is used to get a model based on the binary outcome that gives two possible values, which include 0 and 1. This can be yes or no or diseased or non-diseased. The linear regression is called a generalized linear model that is an extension of the linear regression model, which is used in various other situations. This type of regression is widely used to get the probability for a specific membership class. 
  • Clustering using R Programming: It is a type of unsupervised machine-learning technique where the data is divided into parts and groups known as clusters. It is done based on the similarity of data. There are different clusters produced after segmenting the information. All the objects in a specific cluster will hold the same traits. When you perform data mining and analysis, you can use clustering to get similar datasets. It is widely used in marketing, medical sciences, games, and the internet. 
  • Decision Tree in R: A decision tree is a kind of graph that allows you to show the graphs and results, which are portrayed in the form of a tree. The nodes in the graph show the event whereas the edges would show the decision rules. It is widely used in machine learning and data mining apps. The best example of a decision tree is to predict whether or not the email is spam. It also helps you to predict the tumour and predict if the bank loan is good or bad based on the risk factors. This model is made based on observational data also known as training data. 
  • SVM: The support vector machine is a supervised learning model that is linked to various learning algorithms to analyze data. The analysis is carried out using regression and classification analysis. It is good to use this SVM to solve various classification problems. The algorithm has data items to plot the point in the n-dimensional space. The value of a feature would be mapped to the value of a specific coordinate. 
  • KNN: K-nearest neighbor or KNN is a kind of supervised non-linear algorithm that is also known as a non-parametric algorithm that is not done based on assumptions about the data or its distribution. It is a simple algorithm that makes use of the k value and it is used in different applications and various industries such as healthcare and finance. If there are too many objects, each object will have an attribute to it. When you take the example of a chair, bed, and table, each will have its own length, breadth, and height. Based on the dimensions, it becomes easy for you to predict the object. 
  • Survival analysis using R: Survival analysis is done in R which will allow you to thoroughly analyze the occurrence of events over a period of time without doing any assumptions. Basically, this allows you to have a model until the event happens. You can also compare time to the event between various groups and co-relate the time to event with different quantitative variables. There are two different methods to do survival analysis. One is the Kaplan-Meier method and the other is the Cox Proportional hazard model.


Real World Applications of R Programming

Here are a few real-world applications of R programming

  • Research and academics: You can use R programming to carry out statistical analysis and calculations. It is widely used by students as a statistical research tool. There are various techniques available in this programming for doing linear and non-linear modelling, time-series analysis, and classification.
  • IT sector: It is used by small, medium, and large IT companies for business intelligence. It is used to generate statistical data. It helps the companies to gain insights and get administration functions. R is also used to make measurable figuring devices.
  • Banking: R programming is used by the banking sector to display credit chances and identify different hazards. The mortgage haircut model is used by banks to assume the control they can have over the property when there is a credit default. This is used along with the SAS model to thoroughly do money-related revealing. 
  • E-commerce: R can be used in E-commerce to analyze the user experience they have on the websites. The sites can also improve cross-selling abilities with R. The previous customers can also reap benefits by receiving recommendations based on their previous purchases. R is used to target ads, financial data processing, and sales models. 
  • Social media: R is used to thoroughly evaluate the behaviour and sentiments of users based on the posts they are viewing and the content they are going through. The ads will be customized based on their history and feelings. 

One needs to understand the subject well to apply R in such real-world use cases. So, do not wait any further. Reach out to us to seek the best-in-class R assignment help and R homework help.

Why Students Avail Our R Programming Language Help?

We have the best brains to write R assignments for students who are pursuing this subject in different universities or colleges globally. We have tutors who hold vast industry experience and knowledge to craft a top-notch quality assignment that assures you A+ grades. They have knowledge of working on various thesis and database projects. Our R programming project help experts save a lot of time and effort of students by taking responsibility for writing the assignment. We make sure to submit the final draft to students prior to the deadline so there is ample time left to do the re-work. 

We are offering round-the-clock to help college and university students who need R studio assignment help. We value the time of students and deliver it on time. To write the R programming assignment, students should have a good understanding of various concepts and techniques to carry out complicated statistical tests. We have a team of qualified R statistics programmers to give the solution. Here is why students are choosing us:

  • Excellent coding skills: We have the best programmers who can write thousands of lines of code without bugs. Our tutors use their knowledge and skills to craft the assignment immaculately.
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Some of the popular topics in R Programming on which our programming assignment experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

Robust regression Function
Bayesian statistics Matrices
Zero-truncated Poisson Vectors and Lists
Non-parametric statistics Data Frames
Exploratory Data Analysis Factors
Mapping R packages
T-test Statistics Clustering
R packages Naive Bayes
The Fundamentals of R
Censored Data (Survival) analysis
Object-Oriented Programming In R
Simulation Studies and Monte Carlo Methods
Statistical Programming With R
Confidence intervals for various statistics
Data Visualization and Exploration with R


R Programming Assignment Solution

#Specify your name
my.name <- "[fill in here]"
my.email<- "[fill in here]"

#Write your code and annotation below
#As those records are ones you'll predict

#Part 1 
padding<- function(v){


for( i in 1:n){


a[i]=paste("0",toString(v[i]),sep = "") #if the element is single digit , do left padding by 0 

else a[i]=toString(v[i]) #if the element is 2 digit , leave it as it is 



#Part 2 

month=padding(month) #padded month seq
year=padding(year) ##padded year seq
df<- paste(df$Var1,df$Var2,sep="") #padded grid of month & years 

#Part 3
df<- matrix(df,nrow = 15,ncol = 12)
for( i in 1:15)for(j in 1:12){

start<- "https://www2.census.gov/econ/bps/Metro/ma"
extension<- "c.txt"
url<- paste0(start,df[i,j],extension) #inputting URL through padding function & paste function
mydat<- fread(url)
mydat<- cbind(mydat$V1,mydat$V5,mydat$V6)  #monthly file 
file<- rbind(file,mydat) #building master file by adding monthly files 

colnames(file) <- c("date","MSA","volume")
saveRDS(file,file = "mydata.rds") #masterfile

#Part 4 
file=na.omit(file) #omits NA values
mean<- ddply(file,~MSA,summarize,mean=mean(volume)) # mean of volume as per MSA ID
my.result<-data.frame(mean$MSA,mean$mean) #data frame
colnames(my.result) <- c("msa","mean")


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Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To R Programming Assignment Help

 Our experts provide high-quality and detailed solutions according to the requirements provided by you. We also share a proper step-by-step explanation of the work we have done. It will not only help you in understanding the solution will also increase your knowledge.

We assure you of multiple free-of-cost revisions until you are satisfied with the work. However, we will not consider any new requirements in revision. We will only revise the work we have done according to the query.

Yes, we also provide help with multiple topics that include research, programming, data analytics, etc.  Some of those topics we help with are as follows:

  • SAS assignment help
  • R-studio assignment help
  • Python programming help and more.


Yes, we also provide help with multiple topics that include research, programming, data analytics, etc.  Some of those topics we help with are as follows:

  • SAS assignment help
  • R-studio assignment help
  • Python programming help and more.


We cover all major topics that come under R programming. Some of the topics we have already provided R programming assignment help with are ANOVA, Sampling, Correlation analysis, forecasting, etc.

Our Ph.D. experts can deliver accurate solutions to R Programming assignments, homework, and projects. If you are in dire need of completing the assignment and need help in R programming, wait no more and contact us today to secure excellent grades.