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What is PowerBI?

Microsoft PowerBI is a business intelligence tool that allows even a non-technical user to aggregate, analyse, visualize and share information. The tool has a rich user interface which is alike to Excel and you can integrate this with Microsoft products to make this tool easier to use. It helps companies to gain insights from the collected data. With this, you can connect to datasets and transform cleaner data into the data model that helps you create graphs and charts. With this, you can create visual data which is easier for companies to understand the information and take an informed business decision. You can share the visual data with the other PowerBI users within the company. You can use data models to tell stories through visuals and charts and create reports to answer questions in real-time.

Using this tool, you can convert the data collected from different sources to build rich and highly interactive dashboards and reports. PowerBI can have access to huge volumes of data gathered from different sources. It enables you to view, analyse and visualize data which is tough to open in Excel. Various sources from where you can gather information include pdf, excel, XML, JSON, and so on. The tool uses powerful algorithms to import data into the .PBIX file.

The drag and drop functionality allows you to format the visualizes with ease. With its best excel integration feature, you can collect, thoroughly analyse and publish data. When you use PowerBI with Azure, it helps you analyse massive data. PowerBI also helps you perform real-time analytics. You can fetch data from different sources and sensors to access real-time analytics so that you can take business decisions.

Various components of PowerBI

The following are some of the components of PowerBI:

PowerBI query
Power Query enables you to collect, transform and thoroughly analyse the information from different data sources. This is a data transformation and mashup tool that helps you put the information gathered from different sources on a single platform.

Power BI Pivot
It is a data modelling technique that uses Data analysis expression (DAX) language to create data models from simple to complicated. Using the toolkit, you can also perform numerical computations and establish relationships between various data sources.

PowerBI View
The PowerBI view can be easily added onto the SQL server or SpreadShare to create graphs, charts, maps and visuals with the help of drag-and-drop features. You can also filter data from various data sources to prepare a report on one device.

PowerBI Map
Using Power Map, you can plot many rows of data on Bing Maps to create 3D visuals. With the help of longitude, latitude and country, you can create geospatial visuals using complicated business details. This is highly beneficial when you get sales insights from various locations globally.

Power BI Q&A
When you build and deploy the model on BI, it is easy for you to explore data by writing different commands. PowerBI Q&A will use Natural language processing which is easier for you to integrate with Cortana to answer user queries.

PowerBI desktop
PowerBI desktop has everything on one platform, which would include Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. It is easy to install on a desktop or laptop to create dashboards or reports. It allows you to store up to 10 GB of data and a 1 GB of upload limit. You can gain access to different features of Power BI templates and libraries. You can create reports and export them to the excel sheet and later publish them onto the internet.

PowerBI service
This enables you to publish the report to the cloud and share them with your stakeholders. You can create live reports and showcase them on the dashboard. The PowerBI service can be connected to the PowerBI Report server, Power Q&A, Power Pivot and Power View and various other components in the workspace. The PowerBI server can also be used to connect and visualize on-premise information on the browser.

PowerBI apps
It secures live reports and dashboards. These are available on Windows, iOS and Android. No matter whether you store the information on the cloud or on-premise, you can have quick access to the reports, share reports, run different queries and get quick notifications.

PowerBI architecture
It is a server that is developed on Azure. PowerBI has a provision to connect to different data sources. With the help of the PowerBI desktop, you can easily create reports and visuals from the datasets. The PowerBI gateway is connected to different on-premise data sources to get information for reporting and analysis. The PowerBI services also known as cloud services allow you to publish BI reports and data visualizations. Using PowerBI mobile apps, you can access data from anywhere. The PowerBI apps are compatible to work with different platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS.
Some of the popular topics in Power BI on which our assignment experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

Powder BI Desktop Navigation Panel
Powder BI Service Customizable Pannels
Power BI Mobile Flexible Block
Power BI Report Builder Descriptive Reports
Power BI Report Server User Distribution
Power BI Embedded Finance Dashboard
Broad area of enchanting Visualizations Sales Analysis
Questionnaire in Natural Language Sales Catalogue Dashboard
Datasets Filtration Email Commitment Analytics Dashboard
Obtain Data (Data Source) Marketing Campaign Insights Dashboard


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