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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic language that is lightweight and is used to make websites dynamic. It is used to write a client-side script so that users can interact with the applications or websites. The best thing about JavaScript is that it gives quick feedback to visitors, boosts interactivity and makes the interface rich. Using JavaScript, you can check if the user has entered a valid email address or not or otherwise throw the validation error and not let the user move to the next step until the correct email address or the correct format of the email address is provided. This language allows you to validate the user inputs before sending the request to the server.
JavaScript allows you to interact with the website, be it by filling out forms, scrolling maps or registering for any event.

Development tools for JavaScript

No expensive tools are required to code using JavaScript. With a simple text editor like Notepad, you can start writing JavaScript code. There is also no need for you to buy a compiler since it is an interpreted language that would be in the context of web browsers.

Some of the development tools available include:

Microsoft Frontpage
It is the widely used HTML editor, which is called Frontpage. It enables web developers with a lot of JavaScript tools to help in creating highly interactive websites.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
It is a popular editor that is used to write HTML and JavaScript code and for developing the website. It offers you different JavaScript components and is easier to integrate with databases and will abide by the latest standards that are updated for XML and XHTML.

Macromedia Homesite 5
It is the most used JavaScript and HTML editor that helps you manage personal websites.

Different uses of JavaScript

HTML is used to give a structure whereas CSS adds style and JavaScript is what adds life to the website. It is used by companies to make websites highly interactive. Some of the users of JavaScript include:

Create interactive web pages
JavaScript will help you create interactive web pages for the website which allows you to see the change on the page. Without using JavaScript, the website won’t be interactive and you can only view images and text on the site and cannot perform any kind of action. The common interactions that you can have include adding items to the basket or purchasing things you want online, expanding as well as collapsing content blocks, and playing video or audio files. It also helps you to display animations and select an option using the drop-down menu.

Front-end development
There are many JavaScript frameworks available using which you can develop web apps. Examples of some of the frameworks include React, Angular and Vue.

Back-end development
The extraordinary qualities of this language allow you to use this even to develop the back-end logic. Different frameworks that are used for developing the back-end code include Node.js. This helps you build server-side code.

JavaScript also allows you to develop games that are browser-based.

Artificial intelligence
Different types of JavaScript libraries such as TensorFlow will be used by developers to make use of JavaScript for machine learning and to create models that can help you predict the future based on past details.

JavaScript frameworks
Angular is the open-source and most powerful framework used to develop a single-page app. It has the latest web platform capabilities that can help you deliver the best experiences. You can also create desktop-installed apps using the Angular methods. Angular will turn the templates available into code to optimize for Java virtual machines. You can create UI views with powerful syntax.

It is the framework that earned huge popularity in no time. It enables you to develop dynamic web pages that can help you get huge incoming traffic. Integrating it with the application is simple. With this, you can create highly interactive websites and mobile apps.

This JavaScript framework is loaded with a lot of features and comes with a dual integration mode. It manipulates values to HTML attributes. There are several methods that you can apply to transit HTML elements when you are adding, updating and removing from DOM.

It is a popular framework that helps you handle complicated user interfaces. It helps you create web apps that are easier to maintain. The inspector tool offered by this framework is good for debugging apps.


Concepts That Will Help You Solve JavaScript Homework & Assignments


How do you find the average of a number in Javascript?

To find the average of a number in Javascript, you can add all the numbers together and divide by the total count of numbers. For example, if you have three numbers, you can add them together and divide by three to find the average.

How to make a 3d shape in Javascript?

To make a 3D shape in Javascript, you can use a 3D graphics library such as Three.js. Three.js provides a set of tools to create and render 3D shapes and scenes in a browser.

How to create a map in Angular JS?

To create a map in AngularJS, you can use a map library such as Leaflet or Google Maps API. You can import the library and use it in your AngularJS application to display a map with custom markers and overlays.

How to make moving text in Javascript?

To make moving text in Javascript, you can use the CSS animation property or the JavaScript setInterval function. You can animate the text by changing its position, size, color, or other CSS properties over time.

How to use a database with Javascript?

To use a database with Javascript, you can use a server-side technology such as Node.js or a client-side technology such as IndexedDB or Web SQL. You can connect to the database, execute SQL queries, and retrieve or store data using Javascript.

Is Javascript static or dynamic?

Javascript is a dynamic language, which means that variables can be assigned values of any type at runtime. It is also dynamically typed, which means that the type of a variable can change during the execution of the program.


Some of the popular topics in JavaScript on which our programming assignment & homework experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

 JavaScript Event  Asynchronity
 JavaScript Cookie  DOM Manipulation
 JavaScript Dialog Box  Node.js / Express
 Data Types and Values  Functional Approach
 Functions and problem statements  Object Oriented Approach
 Function pointers, hash table   Frontend Framework
 Exceptional handling in JavaScript  Bundling / Transpilation
 JavaScript Control Flow  JavaScript Objects in Detail
 Error handling  JavaScript Events with PubSub
 Data Models  


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