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Python Assignment Solution on WordProcessor

Python Assignment Solution on WordProcessor

  • 22nd Jul, 2022
  • 16:22 PM
class Words:
    def __init__(self, the_text=""):
        self.the_text = the_text
        if (the_text !=""):
            self.words = self.text_to_words()
            self.words = []
    def setText(self, the_text):
        self.the_text = the_text
    def getWords(self):
        return self.words
    def text_to_words(self):
        """ return a list of words with all punctuation and numbers removed,
            and all in lowercase based on the given text string.
        my_substitutions = str.maketrans(          # If you find any of these
          # Replace them by these
          "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz                                          ")

        # Translate the text now.
        cleaned_text = self.the_text.translate(my_substitutions)
        wds = cleaned_text.split()
        return wds

    def remove_dups(self):
        """ Return a new list in which all duplicates 
            from the words, have been removed.
        for i in self.words:
            if i not in temp:
        return temp

from words import Words
class WordProcessor:

    def __init__(self, filename):
        self.filename = filename
        self.vocabulary = []
        self.wordcount = -1
    def load_string_from_file(self):
        """ Read words from filename, return a string
            composed of the file content.
        f = open(self.filename, "r")
        file_content = f.read()
        return file_content 
    def processText(self, text):
        words = Words(text)
        wds = words.getWords()
        self.wordcount = len(wds)
        #TO-DO-BY-YOU to construct vocabulary 

    def getWordcount(self):
        """ Return the number of words extracted from the file. 
            Note that the duplicate words are also counted
        return self.wordcount

    def getVocabulary(self):
        """ Return the vocabulary extracted from the file. 
            Note that there is no duplicate word contained in the vocabulary  
        return self.vocabulary
        #TO-DO-BY-YOU to return vocabulary 

wp = WordProcessor("brooks.txt")
filecontent = wp.load_string_from_file()


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