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Programming Report on Restaurants Website Solution

Programming Report on Restaurants Website Solution

  • 24th Nov, 2021
  • 15:55 PM

Restaurants website Solution


Online existence is very important for every business in the modern world. Even if you are selling the smallest thing you have to be available online. So in this scenario, we are taking a restaurant named MyFood online.


The requirement of the client is that he wants to show up his main menu, a speciality of food and services, the location where the restaurant is located, and contact information of sales.


As developers, we have to decide the architecture of the website. The requirement of the client is very simple so we decided to make this in HTML, CSS, and maps API from Google. This will cover the entire requirement for the client


Main Page:
One the main page we added the image of restaurant at the main banner so that it will make look and feel better, and after that on the main banner, we created a text space for the client to his slogan. We have created the <div> tag for the </div> and implemented the src image option in class “placeholder”. And implemented the property –index so that when the user scroll down the image also give us the feel the it is also moving. After that we created the menu with &lt;nav&gt; tag, here is the main page and the contact page for navigation. After that we created another div for the main message of the website where the user see the specialty of the restaurant,

After that we include the menu options which are in main div we created the and after the main div, we made the <article> tag for each menu , and in that article tag “<article> ” we use <figure> tag to give the path of the image of the food. Now we are able to show the image of the food and after that we use the “Paragraph tag <p>”to add up the details of menu item , like description and how it is cooked and what is the specialty , and again we use the next <p> tag to add the price in new line. And all the fonts and colors are controlled by css file available separately in relative folder. If user want to change anything in entire website that will be easily controlled by css classes and values.

Contact page:
In this page we simply copied the same case from the main page; a restuarant main image is at the front and the text space for the slogan. After the same navigation panel which was made by <nav> tags After that same div for the text and greetings from the client to customers 

Now the difference starts from after this rather than main menus we created contact information details, like Address, Phone number, email, and zip code, these all is created by <div> and <p> tags.

After finishing these tags we put social media tags there where the user can redirect his customers for their Facebook, twitter, or Instagram channels.

Now down there as the requirement of client we created the space for the location of the restaurant, so as we already created the page of location earlier in html page using API call for the Google maps .so we created the <iframe> tag to get whole map.html5 page to embed to out contact page, now this iframe tag we took all reference from map.html5 to this page.

Now the requirement of the client is full covered , he need the main page , welcome section , and the menu items to presented with images and description with price , contact information , and the social networking links , and the location where the restaurant is located .

Hope this will boot the customers for the restaurant and have great sales due to online existence.

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