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Offline Hacking

Offline Hacking

  • 12th Jun, 2019
  • 13:33 PM

Even though many people are not aware, but offline hacking can hamper their systems in various ways which may have a tremendous impact on their privacy and security. In this blog few techniques are discussed from which the online hacking can be initiated. The first and common one is the electromagnetic radiation spying process where hackers can hack the system by using the radiation emitting from the power line. It is very common that to run the system  power supply is must and in this way the hacker originated the process of using the electromagnetic radiation. Such radiation can be used to store the every keystrokes and  every keystrokes can be traced easily by maintaining perfect dimension by utilising a homemade device. It can also be observed that such attack can also hampered the USB keyboards, inbuilt notebook keyboard. The noise originated from these devices can able to generate an electromagnetic signal or noise which indulge the hacker to track the information in the device.

Another process is the power consumption scrutiny where a process or device called load monitoring system can able to trace the power drawn by the electronic gadget.  In linux OS passwords hashed basically stored in the /etc/password format.


Hacking Commands

The password can be hashed as the X and the basic criteria of hacking is to unmask the password. For this unshadow command has been using. This decryption is as follows:

root@kali:~# unshadow


The next process is to apply the unshadow command like:

/etc/passwd : Password location   /etc/shadow : Shadow file  hashfile : Output file

There are various cracking mode options are viable in with the John the ripper. The cracked password automatically stored in the john.pot. This hacked password can also be accessed by using the command:

root@kali:~# cat/root/.john/john.pot

In offline mode Jhon the ripper allows the hackers to collect all the viable information by only using the command root@kali:~john-h



From the above process and description it can be said that offline hacking process is also now a alarming issue that can hamper the system. The electromagnetic radiation spying is the process that is harmful for the people according to me and most of the cases this technique is being used and will use in the future. Jhon ripper is another process that allows the hacker to crack the passwords of the device easily by using few commands. But according to me the issue is that offline hacking can steal the more personal information, videos, pictures and many other confidential information which can be viral and the according to my knowledge the intention of hacking in the offline mode is to blackmailing the person for money or make the information viral. Such incidents are happening all over the world and numerous people are suffering with this offline hacking. For this project the research enables me to understand that the offline hacking process is not much hard and the devices have not much abilities or options to protect it. The research which I conducted for the project helps me to understand the process of reducing the offline hacking. According to me the first step is to set a stronger password with mixing alphabets and numeric and updating the password in a particular interval. Another process is to updating the application which can provide the safety from online hacking and also to restrict the peer to peer file sharing.  As I read, no matter how stronger the password is it can be breakable by providing more time.

The main issue is that online hacking is common but offline hacking is more dangerous where every time more personal information are related with that. There is no such way to mitigate the process but to protect the device from its own. According to me every time changing passwords is not possible and  maintaining high awareness is also not possible for everyone which allows the hackers to crack the passwords and collect all the data from the devices.

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