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MySQL Use of Database in eCommerce Store

MySQL Use of Database in eCommerce Store

  • 14th Sep, 2021
  • 18:18 PM

Write a one-page example on how databases can be used in a business of student choice chose - (Online Store e.g. Ebay store).
Data model to be presented in Relational.

How databases can be used in eCommerce store:

To create an e-commerce store online, it becomes really confusing for store owners and shopkeepers on how to manage data of their products. That’s where the database comes into the picture. There is many terms and statements which is used to create a database but it is difficult for store owners to understand this.
In simple words, the database is a system to store and retrieve data. It is also helping in organizing the data. Also, we can set it according to the requirement. The different database system is used to store transactional and system-oriented data.
In an e-commerce application, data is divided into two parts

  • 1. Site oriented
  • 2. Transaction data

Site oriented data:

Site content is the one that is visible on the front end side and it is connected to the items you see on the website. This data is showing in the dynamic HTML like navigation bar, product information, product page images, contact us, about us pages, etc. Mainly product page which shows the information like size, colour, description, etc. This data will get fetched from the database and will be shown on the front-end pages.

Transactional data:

Transactional data are those which is created by the user while filling in the payment information or buying the product. This will get increased as per the new registration and orders that comes from the user. Inventory update is also coming in this. Inventory updates like in stock or out of stock updates. This is very important in e-commerce as store owners can inventory status and it gets stored in the database so it becomes easy for them to manage this.

The main purpose of the database in an e-commerce website is to store information about product management, customer and inventory status. By connecting the e-commerce website to the database, we only need to focus on the behaviour and presentation of the website. All other task will get handled by the database only.

The main functionality to handle in the database is to track transactions of in stock or out of stock products and maintaining the inventory. Also, the selling and purchasing of the product. It will do billions of entries in database. Managing the product inventory is another important functionality in the database. It handles various product ranges and keeps records of all products. The database also provides the appropriate structural design to operate it. It can be accessed through its code.


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