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Reflective Writing - Malware Threats, Cloud Computing And Modern Networking System

Reflective Writing - Malware Threats, Cloud Computing And Modern Networking System

  • 5th Jun, 2019
  • 19:02 PM

Cloud computing, malware threat, networking have become some renowned and important terms of modern business organizations. In order to protect the important data from the outer world and maintain the competitive advantage of the organization, it is important for every business leader to use these modern technologies, so they can prevent malware threats or they can ensure healthy flow of crucial information within the organization. The following article is a reflective writing that has discussed the importance of learning about malware threats, cloud computing and modern networking system. It has enlightened the important areas of the learning process and analyzed that what have been learned during the process. It has analyzed that how this learning process can be helpful for future decisions and career goals. At the same time, the report has articulated that where this learning process will be used in future. This self-reflection will be highly beneficial to evaluate the impact of the learning process on the behavior of the researcher.

Description of the Learning Process:

            As discussed earlier, data security, networking, malware are some common terms that plays vital role in today’s business organizations. Thus, it is important for every aspiring business leader or cyber security analyst to understand these areas of responsibility. Through this learning process, I have come to know about many important areas related to networking and data protection. The concept of the Malware was not clear for me earlier. I was familiar with the term ‘Malware’, but I was not aware of its impact or prevention. However, this learning process has offered me a wide opportunity to understand the concept of malware very closely, which can be beneficial for me in future. Therefore, I have come to know about how to protect a network or website of a company from the attack of Malware. This learning process has not only provided a vivid concept about Malware, it has helped me to understand the importance of IT department in an organization and IT experts can prevent such threats and maintain the data security of a business organization through their effective performance. Moreover, this learning process is highly beneficial to obtain important information about cloud computing. The entire learning process has been started from the concept of cloud computing. It has analyzed effortlessly that how transforming traditional business organizations to the modern cloud computing has become essential now a days. It has enlightened all the benefits of cloud computing, which can be highly helpful for the modern business organizations that aim at securing leading position in the industry. Eventually, it has discussed about Malware and all related threats of Malware. This learning process has helped me to understand that why to value the available assets of the business organization and why it is important to understand the threats and villains of the networking system of the business organizations at the right time to maintain their organizational information from the hackers and competitors. This learning process has discussed broadly about the connection between the organizational competitive advantage and network security. Moreover, it has discussed that how cloud computing can be cost friendly for a business organization and how its speed can be helpful for the members of an organization to gain relevant data of the organization from the network within a short period of time. It has taught me that such speed of modern networking system has brought stability in the organizational performance and increased its efficiency level.

            Earlier, I knew that in order to protect the security of the network a business organization can use https. However, through this learning process, I have been enlightened with other secure protocols that can protect the security of the business organizations, such as- Secure Shell (SSH), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and so on. Therefore, this learning process has introduced with some other protocols to protect the security and privacy of the remote computing system, such as- Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Initially I found it difficult to understand these areas and to remember the name of these protocols and observe their functions and importance. However, eventually I have become familiar with these areas. This was one of the major challenges for me in this learning process. At the same time, I was excited to know about these new aspects of cyber security. Being an aspiring cyber security analyst, this type of analysis is highly beneficial for the development of my knowledge. Thus, I have willingly received all the concepts that have been provided in this learning process.

Importance of this Learning Process:

            According to me, this learning is highly important for every existing and aspiring business leader as well as for the cyber security analysts. It matters for every business organizations, leaders and IT people, as it guides them towards the right path. In this competitive era, it is necessary for every business organization to maintain its competitive advantage and to perform in an outstanding manner to beat the rival companies for the survival in the race. In order to maintain the coordination between various branches of an organization and to strengthen the flow of information within the company, it has become essential for the central authority of the business organizations to use a common networking system. However, the remote networking system and poor security system often fail to protect the crucial data of the organization from the attack of the Malware. Thus, this learning process can be beneficial for the business leaders to understand their responsibility areas, where they need to focus to maintain their organizational privacy. Such learning process is highly useful in this era of intense competition, as it will be helpful for the business leaders about the emerging threats of networking system and to maintain the competitive advantage of the business organizations. This topic has been researched by many researchers earlier. They have presented various perspectives in their research paper. In this learning process, many crucial and effective information has been gathered from those research papers, which has enriched the learning process in a significant manner and helped me to obtain knowledge from those perspectives that has cleared my idea about cyber security and network security of business organizations. The data collection process of this learning process has distinguished it from many other research works. It has gathered information from both secondary and primary sources, so it can provide a clear idea about network security to the participants of the learning process, which has enhanced the capacity of the learning process.

            This learning process is highly influential for the bigger picture of the business leaders. This learning process will be helpful for the business leaders to operate their business operations in the global context. By transmitting the conventional business organization into cloud business organizations, the organizational management can maintain a healthy coordination between various departments and various branches of the organization. By this learning process, business leaders can easily understand the use of the modern security techniques and how they can use these techniques to maintain the transparency level of the organization. This learning process will provide them a clear idea a about how cloud computing can help them to share important data with every member of the organization from different parts of the world without conducting any meeting and by maintaining the privacy level of the organization. Thus, it motivates them to enter into the global context and expand their business in the foreign countries fearlessly, which is helpful for them to beat the rival companies significantly. Hence, it can be observed that this learning process will guide the aspiring and existing business leaders towards the bigger picture.

Use of the Learning Process:

            I will always preserve all the lessons that I have gathered from this learning process. According to me, this learning process has not only enriched my knowledge, but it will surely shape my career path as well. While chasing my goal to become a cyber security analyst, this knowledge will play vital role for me. I will be able to apply this knowledge while identifying and resolving real time challenges of my work place, which will be beneficial for my career growth.  

            While designing the structure and strategy of any business organization in future, I will be applying this techniques and recommendations accurately to avoid any kind of Malware attack or hacking. I will be using this information to build the networking system of the organization, which will be helpful for the organization to reach to its final destination. It has increased a confidence within me that this learning process will save me from many deadly consequences in my career. As I am a student of cyber security, this learning process will help me to understand the threat or risk factor of a business organization in future. Eventually it will increase the efficiency level of my performance and it will bring recognition for me.

This learning process has introduced many new aspects about my job role. Earlier I was not aware of the importance of my job position or its impact on the organizational performance. However, after this learning process I have come to know of the fact that simple mistake from the IT department of business organization or negligence by cyber security analysts can restrict the growth of the organization and it can put negative impact on the organizational performance. It is often evident that remote computing system and poor network security harms the privacy of the organization and help the rival companies to beat the organization. Thus, this process has influenced me to perform my job in an efficient manner. I think this study will enhance the level of efficiency in me, which will be helpful for my future development. Moreover, I have now understood how to develop the privacy strategy of modern business organization, which I will use to develop my own business organization. Thus, it can be stated that this learning process has guided and motivated me to start my own business organization as an entrepreneur , as by learning cloud computing and its efficiency, I can reduce the cost of my business organization and ensure a bright future of the organization.


            Thus, it can be noted that the learning process of cloud computing and Malware threats has helped me from various aspects and it has influenced my decision making capacity as well. Thus, this learning system must be provided to the aspiring and existing business owners and cyber security analysts to increase their efficiency level.

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