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Java Assignment – Implement An Operation Using Online IDE (coding) Platform

  • 8th Sep, 2019
  • 16:03 PM

Java Assignment Question

Java Assignment – Implement An Operation Using Online IDE (coding) Platform

  • Go to the online IDE to implement the following.
  • Read a message from a file or stdin (the online IDE should support this).
  • Use the key "S3cR3TP@55w0rD", and a random IV in CBC mode.
  • Encrypt the text using any encryption function supported in the library. Decrypt the output from step 6
  • Your program should output both the encrypted message (ciphertext) and the decrypted ciphertext.


Java Assignment Help - Solution

from Crypto.Cipher import AES
import random

print ("enter a message to encrypt")
message = raw_input().encode('utf-8')
#take input as a message from user for encryption

key = '"S3cR3TP@55w0rD"'
#random value as a key and must be used same key for encryption and decryption both

iv = ''.join([chr(random.randint(0, 0xFF)) for i in range(16)])
#random iv value

message  += ' ' * (16 - len(message) % 16)
#padded message in 16 bytes format

cipher_encrypt = AES.new(key,AES.MODE_CBC,IV = iv)
# encryption of IV using AES

cipher_text = cipher_encrypt.encrypt(message)
#encrypt user entered message

print ("ciphertext value : " + cipher_text)

#print "IV value : " + iv

cipher_decrypt = AES.new(key,AES.MODE_CBC,IV = iv)
#decryot user entered message
print ("Decrypted Message : " + cipher_decrypt.decrypt(cipher_text))


Java Code Output

Enter a message to encrypt
hi how are you hero
ciphertext value : /??F0?%?????l#?f????@q?-V???r
Decrypted Message : hi how are you hero             

Process finished with exit code 0

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